We're seeking neighbours who want to work and play at the Gibbard Block.

The Sparrow Capital team has been working hard to curate a mix of tenants in the Gibbard Block that will create a rich microcosm and activate the building to its fullest potential.

The task at hand now is to choose what to do with the second floor. And we need your advice!

We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with your feedback below.

First some context: we already have the main and third floors fully leased up. We'll have more announcements to come about these activations but can provide a brief summary here.

The main floor will be operated by one of Edmonton's greatest neighbourhood restauranteurs. They are launching two culinary concepts, one with a focus on the daytime menu and the second serving as more of a dinner destination. They are also opening a small boutique retail space in the south-west corner of the building.

The third floor will be operated as a bed-and-breakfast by a wonderful local boutique hospitality group. We are developing 8 micro-habitation suites in collaboration with one of Western Canada's lead micro-hab designers. The suites will feature kitchenettes and space-saving furniture and other innovations to make the smaller spaces highly functional for both short-term and long-term stay.

So how should we activate the second floor to compliment the retail and hospitality uses?

We've received inquiries from professionals in the neighbourhood as well as wellness practitioners and other small operators interested in leasing space on the second floor. Massage and other wellness practices could be an excellent compliment to the restaurants and B&B. Accommodating the offices of neighbours from the Highlands and adjacent neighbourhoods would also make for a wonderfully intimate connection to the area.

But most of the operators we've spoken with run businesses that are too small to take over the whole floor or even 1/2 of the second floor.

The good news is that Sparrow Capital is in the process of launching a co-work platform across multiple locations in Edmonton (see www.sparrowspaces.com).

The difficulty is that co-work spaces struggle to break even on cost unless they are very large. These Sparrow Spaces are not designed to be profitable, but rather to accommodate the needs of small entrepreneurs and to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem and activate office space in a way that attracts a vibrant culture to the building.

So. We've come up with a concept for the Gibbard Block that we think could work. Click the button below for floorpans, pricing, and a full list of services and amenities.

How can you inform this project?

We are currently conducting a survey to assess the interest for professional offices and/or wellness spaces in the Highlands and surrounding neighbourhoods. If we can determine that there is substantial demand, we will build it.

All we need for now is a click below!

Please click on the button that best applies:

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Services & Amenities


  • Sparrow Spaces are available month-to-month or on a term lease of up to 3 years.

  • Members have access to Space rentals on a full-time, part-time, 'flex'-time, or drop-in basis.

  • Members can book Spaces in other locations across the City.